Del Arroyo 4-H

Reminder! The next Community Club Meeting is on Wednesday, January 19th, 6:00 pm, on Zoom. The zoom link can be found in the newsletter and on the Shutterfly page.

See you there!


Del Arroyo 4-H will resume having our CC meetings in person for the 2021-2022 year. Our first meeting is on Sept. 15th at Arroyo Secco School. Following CC meetings will be on the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm. The Alameda County 4-H guidelines determine that everyone will be masked when children are present. If we are meeting indoors in addition to masks we will be social distancing by 3 feet. Covid-19 restrictions are constantly changing and we will be sure to update this with the current guidelines. Projects will be offered virtually and in person this year. Please contact the community club leader if you have any questions. For a complete list of 4-H Covid guidelines see this list.

Community Service
Now is a time when the skills and leadership 4-H members develop are more relevant than ever. While we cannot participate in community service activities the way we normally do, there are many needs we can help with. Check our community service page for ways to help with mask making food pantries, and senior care.

What is 4-H?

4-H is a national program administered through the Cooperative Extension which encourages members ages 5 through 19 to learn by doing. Locally, families join clubs which are run by adult volunteers and youth leaders. Each club offers its members and members of other clubs within the county a variety of projects, events, and community service activities based on the member families’ interests and abilities.

Del Arroyo 4-H Club is based in Alameda County 4-H and serves members from the City of Livermore and surrounding towns and cities. We have an active body of adult volunteers who administer the club, lead projects, and support our youth leaders in running project and club meetings. 4-H clubs usually come together once a month, to address club business,  sign up for community service and outreach events and socialize. These community club or CC meetings, provide members an opportunity to develop public speaking and leadership skills. Our club meets once a month at 6pm, usually on the third Wednesday, at Arroyo Seco Elementary School. All member families and potential member families are welcome. For more information see our 4-H culture guide.