Community Service

Del Arroyo 4-H Club strives to participate in many community service activities. Our yearly activities include making placemats for the Open Heart Kitchen, holiday and Valentine’s Day cards for the VA. We are planning to add a food drive, work days at a soup kitchen and animal rescue, school programs, visiting days at a nursing home, an activity at a children’s hospital, cards for troops on active duty, and a park clean-up day. If you have further suggestions about activities that our members could participate in, please email us.

Volunteer Opportunities

Tri-Valley Community Help During Shelter-in-Place is trying to coordinate efforts to make sure people are safely provided for during this time. If you and your household are ALL under 65, I urge you to find a place to volunteer.

Interfaith Sharing
St. Bartholomew’s, 678 Enos Way
Volunteers are needed both to pick up the donations at local stores and to sort and distribute them to mainly walk up customers. Also help with cleaning and sanitizing. We have been open 4 days a week but are now just 2, Thursday and Saturday. Pickups are generally done mostly in Livermore and some in Dublin, Wednesday through Friday mornings.

Open Heart Kitchen
Our volunteers make a direct impact on the lives of those in our community through preparing, packing, and serving meals. Thousands of our neighbors in the Tri-Valley are not sure where their next meal will come from, and you can help make a difference. Open Heart Kitchen does not allow walk-in volunteers, so please make sure you are registered in advance. 

City Serve of the Tri-Valley
This is a spreadsheet with more food pantries and meal service for elderly or families in need of help.

Calls for Seniors with LARPD
It can be lonely for many seniors while we are sheltering in place and isolation can be difficult to handle. If you are a senior sheltering in place, we want to have a friendly conversation with you and do a wellness check to make sure you’re doing okay. Sign up and LARPD staff will call to chat for a few minutes to brighten your day and help you to stay connected with others. To sign up for Friendly Calls for Seniors, call 925-373-5760 or sign up by clicking the link above.

Making cards for Seniors
Let’s brighten the day of a senior citizen by making homemade cards! When making your cards, please take the following steps:

  1. Wash your hands and surface area before making the cards.
  2. If possible, wear gloves while making the cards.
  3. Use positive, cheerful language, add a joke or riddle, embellish with stickers, and/or draw a picture! Have fun with it!
  4. Please seal your completed cards in a Ziploc bag and email Gretchen W. The cards will be delivered to local senior communities and the VA hospital.

Mask Making

For a variety of reasons related to supply chains, lack of preparedness, and the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, we do not have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect our nurses and doctors. There is a national effort for home sewers to make PPE.

4-H Makes 1 Million Masks
Our goal is 300 masks for Alameda County. We have free 4-H fabric to make some masks. It would be great to get the 4-H Clover out and about on a face mask. Please email Cheryl if you would like some. Please use the mask instructions posted on the CDC website DIY Cloth Face Coverings then log both past and current efforts on the the COVID-19 Mask-Making survey.

Mask for Fairmont Hospital
Please contact Kara Louie at  to make arrangements for pick-up and drop-off. If you donate masks, please let Cheryl Fraser know how many you have donated, it will help us keep track of what our organization has done.

Bay Area Cotton Masks
You do not need to be a skilled sewer. I recommend this for anyone who has access to a sewing machine, there are many tutorials available online. Fabric can be from a private stash, something you order, or something you pick-up at Joann’s or another local fabric store. You are looking for tightly woven 100% cotton, more layers is better. The primary function of these is to keep people from accidentally spreading the virus. Although they do offer limited protection from becoming infected, they are not sufficient protection for someone who is working with a patient infected with COVID-19. They are needed to preserve our hospitals’ supplies of the appropriate personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, and gowns). They are also suitable for personal use when outside your house. If you donate masks, please let Cheryl Fraser know how many you have donated, it will help us keep track of what our organization has done.