In order to participate in 4-H, we need you to complete enrollment each year. Enrollment generally opens in late August and our year kicks off in September. 4-H runs on a school year calendar with most events happening September – May. We do actively participate in the Alameda County Fair and 4-H Camp over the summer.

To enroll for the 2022-2023 year, go to https://4h.zsuite.org/ and fill out the necessary forms.

You can select your projects from the list in the online system if you see it. Please check back later if you don’t as we are still getting things updated online for the new year. We will also be using paper sign up sheets at our Open House on Sept 20th and our first Community Club Meeting on Sept 20st.  Please make sure to email the club leader at clubleader@delarroyo4h.org with your selected projects if registering online past October. This will ensure that the correct project leaders get you added onto their rosters in a timely manner.

After you register online you will need to pay your yearly registration fee here https://surveys.ucanr.edu/survey.cfm?surveynumber=41256 . This year we are only asking for the $100 state 4-H fee. We will also be having a few small fundraisers throughout the year for our club funds. Our main club fundraiser being our end of the year party/silent auction.

Some projects also charge a small project fee depending on supply usage.

**We do offer a fee waiver program for individuals that qualify. There is now an online option to request this on the payment screen. Please don’t hesitate to choose this option if you need it, 4-H aims to be an opportunity for everyone.

All are invited to our Community Club Meetings. These are a fun event for familites and community members each month. Community Club meetings are regularly the third Wednesday of each month during the 4-H year. We generally meet at Arroyo Seco School in Livermore at 6pm. Please note that we will be meeting at Del Valle High School for our October meeting instead of Arroyo Seco.

New Youth Member

For youth ages 5-19 who have not been a member of a 4-H club in Alameda County before or were not registered last year.

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New Adult Volunteer

For adult volunteers (project leaders and club support people) who are new to their roles or who did not enroll last year.

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