In order to participate in 4-H, we need you to complete enrollment each year. Between January and July, we recommend waiting enrollment for the next 4-H year begins in August. Please follow the instructions below. To register, each family will use California 4-H Online to create one account that each participant is added to.

This year we are adding an additional step to our enrollment. You will not select projects on 4honline like normal. You will select the “Group-Determined: Welcome to 4-H, contact club for Project Enrollment”. Then after paying your registration fees we will send you a form to fill out with your project selections. Doing enrollment this way allows us to enforce the 8 member limit on in person projects.

All are invited to our Community Club Meetings. Community Club meetings are regularly the third Wednesday of each month during the 4-H year. Check our calendar for the next meeting time.

New Youth Member

For youth ages 5-19 who have not been a member of a 4-H club in Alameda County before or were not registered last year.

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New Adult Volunteer

For adult volunteers (project leaders and club support people) who are new to their roles or who did not enroll last year.

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