In order to participate in 4-H, we need you to complete enrollment each year. Between February and July, we recommend new members wait until the next 4-H year begins in August. 4-H runs on a school year calendar and joining mid-year means you miss a lot.

To enroll go to V2.4honline.com and fill out the necessary forms. You can select your projects from the list in the online system if you see it. The new system has some flaws that don’t allow us to list a comprehensive list of projects. Please make sure to email the club leader at clubleader@delarroyo4h.org with your selected projects if registering past October. This will ensure that the correct project leaders get you added onto their rosters.

After you register online you will need to pay your yearly registration fee. We ask for $120 per member. $100 of that is the county 4-H fee. $20 is a requested donation to cover club expenses. Some projects also charge a small project fee depending on supply usage. We do offer a fee waiver program for individuals that qualify, please don’t hesitate to ask.

All are invited to our Community Club Meetings. Community Club meetings are regularly the third Wednesday of each month during the 4-H year. We generally meet at Arroyo Seco School in Livermore. Our January meeting will be virtual on Zoom.

New Youth Member

For youth ages 5-19 who have not been a member of a 4-H club in Alameda County before or were not registered last year.

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New Adult Volunteer

For adult volunteers (project leaders and club support people) who are new to their roles or who did not enroll last year.

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