Last updated: 1/15/2023 Project options might change, but this is our tentative list for 2022-2023. We may add more as I hear back from leaders regarding availability. Project Sign Ups will be available at all club meetings, or by emailing Ashley Wheeler.

Titles in parenthesis are Del Arroyo titles only, the 4honline website will not include the parenthetical titles, it only allows very specific project names in the system. All projects are not currently able to be listed online so we will be using paper project sign up sheets at our first club meeting.

Projects with an (*) are new for this year!

Arts & Crafts

Project Leader: Aura-Lee Carmichael
Teen Leader: Isabella S.
Junior Leader: Rowan C.
Project Description: For this project, members will be creating individual art for entry into the County Fair. I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful art you will all create!
There will be one to two meetings per month. All meetings will be about three hours.
Meeting Days/Times: Starts in January, Saturdays. Times TBD
Cost: $25/meeting
Meeting Location: Del Valle High School, 2253 Fifth Street, Livermore, CA.
Age Limit: 10 and up.

Art Journaling *

Leader: Kristin Thomas

Junior Leader: Loie Thomas

Meeting day/time : TBD. 4-5 meetings about 1.5 hours each.

Meeting Location: Del Valle High School, 2253 Fifth Street, Livermore, CA

Description: Art Journaling is a visual diary that can incorporate drawing, painting, collaging, calligraphy, lettering, photography, poetry, design and layout. In this project, we will have different journaling prompts, talk about design aesthetics and members will have an opportunity to experience different types of materials, tools and techniques in this open-ended process.   

Age Limit?:  Ideally 8 and up

Cost : $20 supply fee

Cake Decorating *

Project Leader: Ashley Wheeler

Project Description: We will be learning a lot of fun techniques this year! We will start off with the basics , but we will have some fairly advanced projects for the later meetings. All members are expected to bring all supplies to each meeting. This includes a leveled, filled, and crumb coated cake, with a batch of decorating buttercream and/or fondant depending on the project. There will be at least 2 hours of prep time outside of meetings so please plan accordingly.

Meeting Days/Times: TBD. 3-4 meetings about 3 hours each

Cost: No supply fee, but the cost will include ingredients & basic cake decorating supplies

Meeting Location: Del Valle High School, 2253 Fifth Street, Livermore, CA

Age Limit: 9 and up. This will be a pretty fast paced project and might be challenging for younger members. Adults are welcome to stay and assist.

Cardboard Engineering *

Project Leader: Kristin Thomas

Project Description: Explore the possibilities of the cardboard box through problem solving, design and creativity. In this project we will tinker, build, sculpt and explore mechanisms using cardboard and other materials.

Meeting Days/Times: TBD. 3-4 meetings about 2 hours each

Cost: $10 supply fee

Meeting Location: Del Valle High School, 2253 Fifth Street, Livermore, CA

Age Limit: Ideally 8 and up. Younger ages are welcome but may require additional support from a parent or older sibling depending on their skill levels.

General Engineering (Lego)

General Engineering : Lego 

Project Leader: Jillian Cullins 

Teen Leader: TBD

Project Description: Have fun building with Legos with your 4-H friends! Learn about various building techniques to create projects to share with the group.

Meeting Days/Times: Mondays 6:30-7:30 Dec 6th, Dec 13th, Dec 20th, Jan 10th, Jan 17th, Jan 24th

Number of Participants limited to: 10

Cost: Free

Meeting Location: Cullins Family Home, Livermore, CA.

Age Limit: 5 and up

Intro to 4-H *

Project Leaders : Ashley Wheeler & Joelle Cook
Project Description: New to 4-H? Not sure which project to pick? In this project we will focus on 4 different areas of 4-H and make things with the goal of entering them at the Alameda County Fair.

This year we will be focusing on Fine Art (Photography), STEM (bottle rockets), Gardening (Fairy Gardens), and Foods (Cupcake Decorating).
Meeting Day/Time: TBD – Likely on Saturdays
Approx. Cost: $ 25 for supplies
Age Limit: All ages welcome, but will be splitting into age divided groups for activities (Primaries will have a slightly easier version of each activity)

Shooting Sports: Archery

Project ​Leaders: Project Leaders Needed! Contact Ashley Wheeler for training info!
Teen Leaders:
Project Description: Members will learn range safety, parts of the bow, arrow, safety equipment, how to repair arrows, maintain the equipment, and of course how to shoot and score targets. You do not need to own your bow.
Ages: Strictly 9 & up (as of Dec 31st) due to 4-H guidelines
Limit: 35.
Cost: $10 fee and members are expected to buy their own arrows (typically $30-$50 for a set of 6). The project has some arrows that can be borrowed until you buy your own.
Meet times and locations: TBD – You are not expected to make every meeting, but you are expected to get at least 6 hours of target practice to complete the project with 100% attendance.

Dance: Square Dance

Project Leader: Margaret Miller
Teen Leader: Isabela S. Junior Leader: Rowan C.
Project Description: Learn basic square dancing and some western dancing. Returning members will learn more advanced calls and additional line dances. This is a county wide project open to the entire family. New classes start September 6.
Project Website
Meeting Day/Time: Thurs 7-8:30pm more experienced dancers till 9:30pm
Meeting Location: Del Valle High School 2253 Fifth St Livermore
Approx. Cost: $10 per month. Age Limit: 8 years and up.

Communication: Poetry

Project Leader: Liliana W. (Teen)
Adult co-leader: Ashley Wheeler
Project Description: Hi everyone! This project will be covering a variety of poems including haikus, traditional, freeform, blackout, cutout, and collages, to name a few. This is going to be a very chill and calm atmosphere, so please take that into consideration. Even if you are not a writer or a poet yet, don’t worry. Anyone can be a writer, and it is a skill that improves with experience. As a side note, please do not inhibit others’ creative flow, and be respectful at all times. Come join us on our journey through the wonderful and exciting land of poetry, words, and creativity!
Please bring your own notebook/pad and pen or pencil.
Approx Cost: none
Ages: 9 & up (exceptions can be made for interested children that can independently read and write)
Limit: 10
Meeting Day/Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Outdoor Adventure : Hiking

Project Leader: Linda Nicholson

Teen Leader:

Project Description: Spend some time enjoying the outdoors with your 4-H friends! 

Meeting Days/Times: One weekend morning a month at various parks & trails in the East Bay

Meeting Location: Various East Bay Regional Park locations

Cost: Free

Age Limit: 9 & up

Line dance

Leader: Margaret Miller

Description: Learn various line dances

Meetings: Livermore, In-person 

Age Limit?: 7

Number of Participants limited to: 8

Cost of Project: None

Public Speaking: Presentations

Project Leader: Rich Hunt
Project Description: The ability to give excellent presentations is a key life skill. In this project, you will prepare and practice a 4-H presentation to give at Presentation Day. Become a confident public speaker and earn credit towards your star ranks!
Meeting Day/ Time: Meet Nov-Feb on weekday evenings.
Meeting Location: Hunt Residence / Zoom
Approx. Cost: $10 for poster board
Member Limit: 10.
Age Limit: 4t​h​ grade and up.

Aerospace & Rocketry

Project Leader: Still Needed! 

Project Description: The rocketry project is a combination of lecture and physics by LUNAR leader Jack Hagerty ,discussion,  show and tell, and hands on assembling of a model rocket from a kit. The 4 – H members paint and decorate their rocket , and can attend one or more rocket launches scheduled on Saturday mornings in the spring.

Approx Cost: $15

 Ages: All

 Meeting Day/Time: Meets 5 times 

Meeting Location: TBD – Del Valle High or Zoom

Clothing & Textiles : Beginning Sewing 

Leader: Ashley Wheeler

Description: In this project we will be learning how to sew using a sewing machine! All members must have access to a sewing machine. I do have one available to loan out if needed. We will be going over the basics of sewing and using a pattern and making a few fun projects. Members must be able to thread the machine they are using.

***We have 3 sewing machines available to lend out thanks to some generous donations! Now is the time to learn to sew!

Meetings: In person

Age Limit?: 9 (or comfortable independently sewing)

Number of Participants limited to: 15

Cost of Project: varies

Other things you should know: Any child that is comfortable using a sewing machine independently is welcome to join. The cost will vary with the materials you choose. I will try to keep project costs low.

Primary Members (Cloverbud Crafts)

Colver bud Crafts

Ages: 5-9 years old

Project meeting time: 3:30pm-4:30pm, the first Thursday of the month

Max: 12 kids

Cost: $20/child

Teen Leader wanted!

Monthly project meetings will rotate between a directed project and maker stations. Below is a

tentative list of what the directed projects will be. The directed projects will strive to cover a

new medium or craft skill each time. At maker station meetings a variety of supplies will be

available and project participants will be able to use the supplies to create their own works of


Hobbies (Genealogy)

Beginning Genealogy – In Person 

Project Leaders: Cindy Wheeler

 Teen Leaders: wanted! 

 Project Description: Learn how to find out about your family history! We will explore family trees, artifacts, pictures, stories, recipes, and more! Will involve family interaction. 

Ages: All ages welcome


Cost: $10

Hobbies: Tabletop Games (Board Games)

Project Leader:

Teen Leader: TBD

Project Description: Do you love to play board games? In this project we will be playing various games with our 4-H group. We will play D&D, Magic the gathering, Werewolf, and other popular strategy board games. 

Meeting Days/Times:TBD

Number of Participants limited to: 12

Cost: Free

Age Limit: 9 & up 

Fiber Arts

Project Leader: Dara Gribi

Teen Leader:

Project Description: Learn to create crafts that use fiber as a medium. Mainly learn to needle felt relief and sculptures but may explore other types of fiber arts.

Meeting Days /Times: TBD

Number of Participants: 6

cost : TBD

Age Limit: 12 & up (or younger with leader approval)


Project Leader: Dara Gribi

Teen Leader:

Project Description: Learn to collect, identify, care and possibly mount insects. Learn about insect’s individual traits and habitats, and their relationship with humans in their uses and control.

Meeting Days/Times: TBD

Number of Participants:

Cost: TBD

Age Limit: None


Bees (Beekeeping)

Project Leader: Jennifer Vandersall & Mark Weise
Junior Leaders: Valerie and Vinnie V.
Project Description: We will learn about bees and the challenges that they face in today’s environment. We will visit hives and taste the fruits of their labors. ​We will be establishing and caring for hive bees at Hagemann Ranch.
Approx Cost: ​$15 for protective gear and care of bees.
Ages: 9 & up.
Limit: 15.
Meeting Day/Time: Project will be mostly in the Spring when the bees are more active
Meeting Location:Hagemann Ranch

Cavies (Guinea Pigs)

Project Leader: Ashley Wheeler
Teen Leader:
Project Description: Have fun learning about cavies with us! Cavies are also known as guinea pigs. We will learn showmanship for cavy shows and the county fair as well as how to properly care for your animals. It is recommended that kids in the project have a guinea pig, but it isn’t a requirement. We can also help with choosing a cavy if you would like to get one but don’t have one by the beginning of the project.
Approx Cost:​ ​none
Meeting Day/Time:​ ​Likely Monday afternoons
Meeting Location: Del Valle High School
Member Limit: 12
Age Limit: none

Dog: (Training and Care)

Project Leader: Laura Finco
Assistant Leaders: ​Kristen Salcedo​
Teen Leaders: OPEN
Project Description: This project focuses on training our dogs to be canine good citizens. The goal is to exhibit in the county youth dog show at the Alameda County Fair in obedience, Rally, agility, and junior showmanship. Anyone interested in learning good dog skills is welcome. Members will be encouraged to participate in the County Dog Medalist program. Dog ownership is preferable.
Ages: 9-19 years.
Cost: minimal, depending upon level of participation.
Required Equipment: flat collar, training collar, six foot training leash (preferably cloth or leather) with the option of showmanship collar and leash; water bowl, treat bag, and treats for outdoor training classes.
Meetings: Tentative, usually Thursday afternoons 5:15-6pm with the advanced group going a little longer. Meet at ABBA Dogs training yard in Springtown.

Dog: (Nosework)*

Project Leader: Kristen Salcedo
Assistant Leaders: ​Ashley Wheeler ​
Teen Leaders: OPEN
Project Description: Explore the world of dog training and build a better bond with your dog. Dogs naturally use their noses to explore the world and search for scents. Learn to train your dog to find specific scents in a project designed for young handlers and their dogs to learn together.

Safety Requirement: Member must be able to remain in control of dogs at all times. Dogs must have good recall. Parent attendance recommended at meetings because homework activities are best with two people.

Ages: 9 & up
Cost: $5 to cover supplies
Required Equipment: Leash with collar or harness. Treat pouch filled with lots of treats!
Meetings: Monday afternoons, meeting day could change to accommodate guest instructor

Limit : 10 members

Equine – Horse (Beginning)

Leader: Donna Costa
Assistant Leader: Stephanie Rawlins
Teen Leader: Amanda R.​
Project Description: Meetings will cover health and well being of a horse, conformation/breeds, grooming, equipment, riding gaits/ability, Western/English horsemanship, play days, how to trailer a horse and guest speakers. You do not need to own a horse to participate in this project. Most of the horses we work with are rescue horses. This project is more about basic horsemanship than showing, so preparation for the ​4H​ Horse show is not the main focus.

Age: Strictly 9 & up (as of Dec 31st) due to 4-H guidelines

Equine – Horse: Advanced Horse

Leader: Ashley Wheeler
Teen Leader: Lily Wheeler
Project Description: Meetings will cover in more depth all items listed in Beginning Equine. This project is more focused on showing horses and higher level horse education. Members should have a horse (leased or owned) to participate in this project. We will be participating in Horse Field Day and competing at the Alameda County Fair 4-H Horse Show.

Ages: Strictly 9 & up (as of Dec 31st)
Cost: non3
Members should have boots (preferably cowboy boots or riding boots) and a protective helmet. This project meets once a month in Livermore.

Goats (Angora) *

Leader: Dara Gribi

Project Description: The angora goat project is for youth who wish to learn about and raise Angora goats for fiber. Other non-market goat breeds may be considered if there is a strong interest. You do not need to own a goat to participate. We will be learning all aspects of raising Angora goats including basic management and health practices, selecting, nutrition, parasite control and disease management, reproduction, shearing, and mohair evaluation and processing.

Ages: 9 & up.

Meetings: TBD

Poultry (For Exhibition)

Leader: Kristen Salcedo

Poultry For Exhibition- In Person

Project Description: Purebred bantam chickens are encouraged but not required. Learn how to choose a bird, showmanship procedure and common showmanship questions. See how good feeding, cages, grooming and training can improve your showmanship. Contact Leader ( for dates and locations so you can acquire project animals.

Ages: 9 & up.

Meetings: Mondays once a month

Member Limit : 8

Contact Leader ( for dates and locations so you can observe for fall shows.


Rabbit with Ribbon
Best of show

Leader: Dara Gribi ​
Teen Leaders: Lucy N. and Lily W.
Junior Leaders: Lucas G. and Savannah S.
Project Description: This is a show project only, members must either own or plan on purchasing a show rabbit prior to ownership cut-off date Fair and/or Open shows. Members may raise animals for market, fur or show. Members will learn the different breeds and varieties of rabbits, proper feeding and grooming techniques, be able to identify rabbit equipment, as well as design a plan for preparing rabbits for show and proper rabbit showmanship. Members will be required to attend at least one ARBA show outside of fair.
Ages: All ages.
Cost: $20 for education supplies and project own equipment.
Meets: Meet 1s​ t​ Wednesday, 6:30 Del Valle High School / Zoom

Pets Small Animals

Project Leader: Ashley Wheeler
Junior Leader: Alexandra Wheeler
Project Description: This project will teach a little bit about all of the different small animal species 4H focuses on. And maybe some that 4-H doesn’t focus on too! We will have visitors come from the different small animal projects to show us their animals and teach us about them. Then we will do a related craft or activity. This project will be geared towards younger kids but older members are welcome.
Meeting Day/Time: TBD – Likely on Saturdays
Approx. Cost: $10
Member Limit: 15
Age Limit: all ages welcome, but will be designed for primary ages (5-8)

Dog Care for Primaries – In Person

Project Leader: Kristen Salcedo

Project Description: Dog ownership not required. Learn the basics of dog breeds, ownership, grooming, and health. Members will be encouraged to enter a fantasy pet or poster in the Alameda County Fair.

 Meeting Day/Time: Monday afternoons (30 minutes) parent participation encouraged

Approx. Cost: Minimal

Member Limit: 6

Age Limit: 5-8

Poultry for Primaries- In Person

Project Leader: Kristen Salcedo

Project Description: Pure bred bantam chicken ownership is encouraged but not required. Learn basics of chicken ownership, show prep, and health. Members will be encouraged to enter showmanship or poster in the Alameda County Fair. 

Meeting Day/Time: Monday afternoons (30 minutes) parent participation encouraged

Approx. Cost: Minimal

Member Limit: 6

Age Limit: 5-8

County Wide Projects

***To join a county wide project you need to select “County Wide” as a club to see the project options on 4honline. You will then need to contact the project leader and your club leader because the online system doesn’t give them a roster for county wide projects. ***

Rising Stars – County Wide Project – Virtual 

Project Leaders: Barbara Butko

Project Description: Design and execute an outreach project to bring awareness of 4-H to the community. Activities could include planning and work parties and related field trips. Learn teamwork,    leadership, public speaking and citizenship.

Ages: 11 – 14 years old or 6 th – 9 th grade,

Meet: First Wed of each month @ 6:30

Location: Virtual

County Teen Project *

Project Leader: Liz McWhorter & Ashley Wheeler

Ages: 13-18

Project Summary: Teens only! Join us for social activities, community service, and networking! Join early and help decide what we do & co-plan too! Our meetings will be in-person; and planning/chats will be on Discord. There will be 9-10 [monthly] meetings/adventures on 3rd Sundays (typically 2 hrs on average, 12:30-2:30 pm) — please join us for a min. of 3 meetings to get project credit. We’ll do everything from work on college apps & resumes and tour a college / see behind-the-scenes (Sept.)…to volunteer & have fun at the Fair (June)! And along the way, you’ll get tips on how to write about many of these experiences in your resume / LinkedIn profile / college or scholarship app. 

Meeting dates/times : 9/25,10/16,11/20 (a.m.), 12/18,1/15,2/19, 3/19,4/16, 5/21,6/18

Meeting Locations: Varies

Cost: N/A (Teens & families are responsible for occasional admissions fees.)