Alumni Stories

4-H Alums leave the program with a variety of useful life skills: public speaking, record keeping, making presentations and displays, teaching, working with people of multiple ages and skill levels, and planning and executing projects. Here are stories from Del Arroyo alums of ways that their 4-H skills helped them after they graduated from the program:

I attended a small, liberal arts college which focused on speaking and presentation skills. Many students had a difficult time learning to make PowerPoint presentations and feeling comfortable speaking in front of their classes. Thanks to my 4-H presentation experience, I never had to worry about that. I was well equipped to put together well-received PowerPoints quickly and if anything, I was comfortable delivering the presentations that went with them. Early on, with my first big presentation, I was worried I wouldn’t do well, so I visited the tutoring center. The tutor gave me a list of rules for making presentation slide which was entirely superfluous, I already knew to do every single thing on that list from years of 4-H presentations! — Miranda, Del Arroyo member 1993-2002


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