New Adult Volunteer

For adult volunteers (project leaders and club support people) who are new to their roles or who did not enroll last year.

  1. Complete 4-H interest survey
  2. Register for the Beginning 4-H for Volunteers Training. Complete the list below before your training date.
  3. Go to and follow the log-in instructions for returning families.
  4. At the pull down menu for Add a New Family Member, select Adult and click on Add Member.
  5. Complete the enrollment. You will see your name listed as “Pending.”
  6. Open the “4hOnline-California 4-H ONLINE Enrollment-Not Yet Complete” email and follow the instructions for taking the online eXtension campus training.
  7. Take the eXtension courses.
  8. Attend the training for which you signed up.
  9. If you are leading a project this year, please check the Project List to make sure that we have your information correct. Send corrections to
  10. Please attend our first Community Club Meeting on September 21st. If you are a Project Leader, please bring something fun and engaging about your project so members can see what you’re planning to do.

Thank you so much for volunteering! We couldn’t do this without you!

*Note: families will have just one account for all youth members and adult volunteers. Each participant needs to be added to that account.