Record Books

A 4-H Record Book is an assembly of forms, pictures, and other 2 dimensional records of what you did each year in 4-H. They are:

  • A Wonderful Keepsake
  • Record of 4-H Experiences
  • Required for Fair Entrants

Reference the California 4-H Record book manual and tutorial below.

The 5 Sections of a 4-H Record Book

How to make a 4-H Record Book

You can start any time.

At the beginning of the 4-H year…


  • Look at the PDR Form and set goals.
  • Decide how you will meet your goals.
  • Put events information on your calendar.
  • Make a 4-H folder/box.
  • Start a Project Report Form for each of your projects.

During the 4-H year…

  • Fill out your Project Report Form after each Project Meeting.
  • Record talks and activities on your PDR Form.
  • Collect any letters, awards, newspaper clippings, pictures, or other 4-H related items in a folder or box.

At the end of the 4-H year…

  • Assemble your Record Book materials and forms.
  • Complete your Project Report Forms.
    • Include an Expression Page for each project.
  • Complete your PDR Form.
    • Consult the Record Book Manual with questions.
    • Ask your leaders for help.
  • Write your 4-H Story.
  • Create a title page and table of contents.
  • Assemble the PDR Form, 4-H Story, Project Report Forms and Expression Pages, and any 4-H related awards, newspaper clippings, or pictures.
  • Turn in your Record Book at the last Community Club Meeting at the end of May.
  • Ask to send it to Alameda County Judging.

… Next fall, start your book all over again.